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Automation Products

Izum, the brand that owns IzumFood, develops and produces monitoring and sensing devices that are easily adaptable to the reality and requirements of each client.

IzumFood, on the other hand, is dedicated to the design of robotic cells in the area of food production and bakery.


Robotic Palletizing Cell

A palletizing cell is an equipment that performs the automated palletizing process. It has the ability to move and place products under pallets in an efficient and organized manner.

This process is essential for the automation of tasks in the most varied production environments.


- Decrease in labor (a stressful process for employees), saving time and increasing security.


Develops and designs complete and integrated solutions. We evaluate all the conditions and variables of the business, in order to offer a palletizing cell oriented to each client. We thus enable you to increase your productivity and profits.

Multifunction Cell

We develop and implement automatic cells for forming boxes, placing product inside and closing them, in the most autonomous and productive way possible.

You can control your embalming process in the most efficient way, optimizing resources, ensuring consistency of production and compliance with the quality level process.

Tray Handling Cell

With our board manipulation robot, the problems with loading them are a thing of the past!

Loading trays repeatedly, from a cart to a conveyor, for example, by manual means can cause excessive physical tension and risk of injury. With our help, you can place trays in the multiple machine quickly, safely and effectively.

This product is also capable of loading paper in the trays automatically, making the process even more efficient.

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Product Handling Cell

The demanding area of Food Health can now count on a partner to comply with all hygiene and safety standards, when it comes to the handling of food products.

As our handling grips are in accordance with the stipulated for a food area, and can be adapted to the size of your product, without having to make major changes to equipment or production lines.

Fresh or frozen, it guarantees a solution that allows you to handle your product without changing or damaging the surface, maintaining its shape and guaranteeing more product value.


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